Each spring and fall there is one day marked on the calendar with big red letters “Shearing Day”. The whole flock is locked in the night before to keep them rounded up and dry for the big day. Keith arrives about 10:00 am and we begin the harvest. At the end of this long hard day I have a room full of fleeces with each animal’s name proudly marked on the bag. As each fleece is meticulously skirted and washed, I see the outcome of the last six months in each animals life. My hands work through each fleece and I dream about the next blends I will create.

Over the next few weeks I fire up the dye pots and begin making pile after pile of luscious color. When all the fleeces are clean and dry and the color combinations are worked out I hand blend the next seasons spinning projects.

I specialize in luxury blends created in small 10-15 pound batches. The blends I create are most often mohair and wool. Many have silk blended in, and some have angelina, silk noils or other treasures included to make each a one-of-a-kind blend.

Call or stop by to see what spinning fiber treasures are currently in stock.


Fiber from the Fae Ridge Flock