About Me


Hi, I am Janette Ryan-Busch.  I was raised on a farm in Southeast Iowa. Farming and animals are in my blood. A Toggenburg dairy goat was just one of the many pets in my childhood menagerie.

As a young adult, the land ethic my parents had instilled in me became clarified with a commitment to organics made during the back to the land movement of the early 70s.  I raised dairy goats for over a decade and tended huge gardens each summer.  My family and I moved to this 14 acre farm just outside Iowa City, IA in 1985.  That very first summer I began Fae Ridge Farm.  With support from my husband and helping hands from my children, I began raising organic herbs and vegetables for the local food co-op.


We soon began looking for the perfect non dairy goat to graze the pastures. Books from the library first opened up the world of Angora goats for me. In 1989, I traded bushels of canning tomatoes for Elsa and Cloe, my first two Angora goats. The next year I learned to spin fiber into yarn and my whole world began to change.